As the Owner and CEO of Adornet Jewels. I would be very happy to discuss daily Question & Answers for more awareness of Lab Grown Diamonds. Sharing my adoration for their eco-friendly benefits, beauty and savings come easily to us, because of my passion for the life-changing technologies used to grow them. If you are still on the fence about whether a lab-grown diamond is for you, We understand. To help, I’ve compiled most frequently asked questions about lab-grown diamonds.


Are they Real Diamonds? 

Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. They are chemically, physically and optically identical to mined diamonds. The only difference between mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds is their origin. Mined diamonds are formed naturally in the Earth’s mantle under condition of extreme temperature (around 2,000degrees) and pressure (at least 725,000 pounds per square inch). With high technology, lab diamonds are also grown using extreme heat and pressure, but inside a machine rather than the bowels of the Earth. 


How are they priced compared to mined diamonds? 

Just like mined diamonds, not all lab diamonds are created equal. Lab diamonds are also priced based on their 4Cs characteristics.


Can I Resell a Lab Grown Diamond? 

Yesthere is a resale market for lab grown diamonds. A lab diamond is also forever and will always have a resale value just like a mined diamond. 


Why Should I Choose a Lab Grown Diamond? 

A Cleaner Purchase: The extraction of diamonds from the earth is fossil fuel intensive, environmentally damaging, and becoming less sustainable every year. The creation of lab grown diamonds uses a fraction of that energy and does not contaminate fragile ecosystems in rivers and lakes.   

Known Ethical Origin: All the diamonds we offer are conflict free. 

Superior Quality & Size: Adornet Jewels offers the ability to go from unexceptional to extraordinary, carat for carat, price for price. 


Can a Jeweler Tell the Difference? 

No, because both of them are real diamonds. Our lab diamonds have the exact same chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds. 


What quality are the diamonds you offer?

No one knows what a lab grown diamond will be graded as until it's completely grown in a lab. Mined diamonds can come with all sorts of color tints due to the other minerals found in nature. The most common tint is yellow from the traces of nitrogen when the diamond is formed. In lab grown diamonds, these elements are removed, so they can appear much whiter than the mined diamonds in the same color grade.


Will I be able to clean my Lab Diamond?

Yes, the best way to routinely clean your lab grown diamond is with a little fragrance-free soap or jewelry cleaning solution and lukewarm water. Use a soft-bristled brush to gently clean and scrub the diamond.
**Cleaning chemical to avoid: 
Bleach, Chlorine, Ammonia, Acetone, etc.