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From the past 15 years, we are well-known leading manufacturers/importers

and exporters of mined diamonds and we have our branches in INDIA,

Thailand & Hong Kong. We have the most outstanding designs and our goal

is to give our customers the best services along with our products

with every order, they place, no matter the size.

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About us

Adornet Jewels started as a small company in Thailand. We started growing through our In-house team of designers, master bench jewelers, and sales associates.

Every work of art at ADORNET JEWELS is manufactured with the highest quality materials and finished by artistic jewelers.

Due to so much diversification in the entire jewelry market, we decided to enter into Lab Grown diamonds Jewelry & WE STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT LAB GROWN DIAMOND JEWELRY IS THE FUTURE.

What are Lab Grown Diamonds(LGD)?

Laboratory-grown Diamonds looks as same as Real Diamonds which are mined from the Earth and they are also called as Created Diamond, Man-Made Diamond and Cultured Diamonds.

There are two main methods for the production of lab-grown diamonds, HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) and CVD (chemical vapor deposition). HPHT stones are made by subjecting carbon in the form of graphite to extreme heat and pressure by means of a mechanical press and electrical current; CVD diamonds are ‘grown’ at much lower pressures by building up layers on a base surface from a surrounding carbon plasma cloud.

We develop oneself in service that is very well tune up to the specifications of the buyer. Our team of experts provides you with the proper servicing and product you’re looking for, with minimal human error.

Now, We have reached at the place of professional manufacturer and supplier of

Laboratory-Grown Diamonds. All Lab-Grown diamonds ranging from VVS1 to SI clarity,

0.005 ct to 2.00 ct size are directly produced by our manufacturing factory.

The quality and mastery of our jewelry are the same as most of the leading brands in the world but at a fraction of the price. Because we manufacture our own jewelry, we don’t have to pay commissions and profits to other distributors and can pass the savings along to our customers.

ADORNET JEWELS offer excellent value and are more affordable than natural diamonds of comparable size and quality.

From the manufacturing of Lab Grown Diamond to manufacturing of Mined Diamond's jewelry, altogether without any middle man and that’s how we can guarantee our very competitive prices

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